Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) Pass

Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) is a program designed to help guests with disabilities who have difficulty waiting in regular lines. In the case of a person who has Type 1 Diabetes, it could mean risking going low or going high while waiting inline due to heat, dehydration, or fatigue. The DAS pass allows guests to schedule a return time for an attraction, similar to the FastPass system, but without the need to physically wait in the standby line. Instead, guests can leave to do explore other attractions in the park while they wait for their return time.

To get a DAS pass, guests must visit Guest Services at any of the four Disney World theme parks and speak with a Cast Member. You may need to provide a letter from your medical team confirming the diagnosis. When we went to Disney World, Guest Services did not ask us to provide any proof for our son’s diagnosis. We mentioned that he was 4 years old and his blood sugar might need to be managed while waiting inline for rides. We were given the DAS pass without any further questions. It was a good experience overall for our family.

Once you have it, the DAS pass can be used for the guest, and up to 5 members of their party, for the duration of the guest’s stay. In our case, it was added to my son’s wrist bad. The DAS pass does not guarantee access to every attraction, but it does allow scheduling a return time for most attractions, shows and experiences.

It is important to note that the DAS pass is not the same as a FastPass+ reservation, and it does not allow guests to schedule a return time for parades, fireworks, or other entertainment events.

The information about Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) pass was obtained from the official website of Walt Disney World Resort. The information is also available on other official sites such as the Disney Parks Blog, and various other reputable sources such as guidebooks, travel blogs and articles that discuss the program and its requirements. This is our specific experience with the DAS pass, I understand not everyone has a similar experience.

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