A Must-Have for Traveling with Insulin

Traveling with insulin can present several challenges for individuals with diabetes. Managing diabetes requires consistent monitoring of blood sugar levels and insulin administration, and these challenges can become more complex when temperature variation could spoil your insulin. Insulin is sensitive to temperature extremes. Exposure to high temperatures can cause insulin to degrade, making it less effective. On the other hand, extreme cold can make insulin less absorbable, potentially affecting blood sugar control.

Finding a reliable and portable solution to keep my son’s insulin at the right temperature has always been a worry. This summer, I finally tried the the FRÍO Insulin Cooler in our trip to Sesame Place in July. I have to say, it surpassed all my expectations. This great little pouch proved to be a game-changer, our insulin vial that we took to the park with us remained perfectly temperature controlled for hours in the July heat.

One of the standout features of the FRÍO Insulin Cooler is its simplicity. There are no batteries, no charging required. The cooler uses an evaporative cooling system, activated by soaking the pouch in cold water for a few minutes. Once activated, it kept our insulin at room temperature for a long time, regardless of the external weather conditions. I used to pack ice in a portable cooling case and worry about how long it would last. No more worrying about keeping track of ice packs! It is simple, works, and is easy to carry. The FRÍO Insulin Cooler has earned a permanent spot in my travel essentials for sure. I created a short reel on my instagram (@thist1dparent) on how to activate and use the Frio, it can be found here: thist1dparent Frio Reel

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