What’s a 504 Plan? What to Include in it?

Did you know Type 1 Diabetes is considered a disability under the Americans with Diabetes Act (ADA)?
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, section 504 requires public schools to provide the accommodations needed for a student with Type 1 Diabetes to succeed at school. Based on these federal laws, a health plan and a 504 Plan can be requested for your child. You can call your public school to initiate the process anytime during the school year. You can also request a review of your current 504 if you need to add or change these accommodations at any time. A 504 Plan is a legally binding document, this is to ensure a student is treated indiscriminately and is afforded the accommodations needed to at school.

Type 1 diabetes 504 plan graphic

Who Qualifies for a 504 Plan?

Under section 504, students who qualify for a 504 plan are those who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. The list of impairments is not a comprehensive list because it is difficult to narrow down every single condition that qualifies. Some of the listed impairments include: physiological, neurological, anatomical loss of a bodily function, musculoskeletal, etc. 

What to Include in a 504 Plan?

While there are multiple resources online that provide examples of what to include in a 504 Plan, keep in mind that it is an personlized plan and it varies based individual needs. The first step you might want to do is document what your child might need at school to thrive. Here are some of the main examples of what to include in a 504 Plan:

  • Bathroom use without restrictions.
  • Snack and lunch time accommodations.
  • Medical device accommodations (i.e. allowing a CGM reciever in the classroom).
  • Diabetes care and management accommodation (what to do when low or high?).
  • The Students is allowed to postpone or extend time during a class test if Blood Glucose numbers are out of range.
  • The student is not to be excluded from participating in all school-sponsored field trips and extracurricular activities.
  • Parents or caregivers are to be afforded the opportunity to chaperone a field trip (but not be required).
  • Absences will be excused if are related to diabetes management.
  • The school should notify parents or caregivers ahead of time of any outside food or classroom party events.

Like any formal meeting, remember to research and document what works best for you and your child before attending the formal 504 Plan meeting with your school.

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